A Very Vegan Christmas to You!!

James and I usually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve with a big dinner of vegan tourtiere, roasted potatoes, mushroom gravy, freshly baked baguettes, and coleslaw. We always spend the day cooking and then eventually tuck into our feast around nine or ten in the evening, after which, we open our gifts to each other. Christmas […]

Vegan Fruit Jumbles

Every Christmas since we’ve been together (over ten years now!), James has made his mother’s famous fruit jumbles. The cookies are a big favourite of Em’s, so James always makes her a big box to take home. Once, several years ago, James was stricken to learn that Em’s boyfriend, Spencer, had eaten almost the entire […]

Sweet Potato Toasties, Y’all!!!

I’ve been hearing about “sweet potato toasties” for a while now, but have resisted trying them because, frankly, I just didn’t believe a toaster could bake something as hard as the devil’s toenail into something edible. How wrong I was: not only does the toaster bake up sweet potato slices just fine…but they’re also delicious! […]

A Bare Larder and A Faux Tuna Salad!

The minute I typed that title, I wondered at the difference between a “larder” and a “pantry,” and soon learned the following via my good friend, Dr. Internet: Etymologically, and when the terms were used in mediaeval France, you kept lard (bacon) in a larder and pain (bread) in a pantry. So larders were more likely to be underground, […]

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