Chewy Vegan Bacon Bits

Is there anything worse than those bags of synthetic bacon bits? …the ones that taste more “synthetic-y” than “bacon-y”? We often have them on hand because James kind of likes them, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re a quick way to ruin a perfectly good salad. Anyway, today my good friends at Amazon sent […]

Dessert Oats!

As I may have mentioned a time or two, I really wish I loved oatmeal because it’s so damn good for you, but I simply don’t. And I’ve tried it every which way, including savoury, and usually think, yeah, it’s pretty good…but then I never make it again. Today, I think I’ve figured out the […]

Vegan Poutine of the Day!

We’ve talked about poutine here before, so even if you’ve never tasted it, you’re likely familiar with the concept. The components of a true poutine are, of course, cheese curds, gravy, and deep-fried potatoes, so calling my various potato-based bowls “poutine” is likely as sacrilegious to Quebeckers as my calling my Christmas Eve lentil-quinoa pie […]

Hacking the Plant-Based Diet

The best advice for anyone who wants to eat a plant-based diet is, first, that the food should be good…like, REALLY good, and, second, the food should be there. Indeed, the food has to be SO good and SO convenient, that when you’re tempted to eat some crappy take-out food, you can instead think, “Nah–I’ve got […]

The Least You Can Do….

I had an epiphany about exercise recently. Back in my forties, when I was running marathons and going to the gym every day, I was always challenging myself to run farther, lift more, do more reps, you name it. It was, I suppose, a way to stay motivated. And my various physical pursuits were not […]

Cannellini Hummus

I feel as though I haven’t posted in ages, but the last couple of months have been rather a blur since I’ve been back and forth to Vancouver so much. Last weekend, James and the pups joined me since we were attending my brother’s celebration of life. We also managed to fit in a few […]

A New Peanut Butter Spread!

As I’ve no doubt mentioned hundreds of times, I LOVES me some peanut butter. Indeed, after discovering sweet potato toasties, I think I’ve eaten my two favourite foods together (peanut butter and potatoes) every damn day since! However, the problem with peanut butter is that regular old Kraft PB is delicious (and super cheap!)… ….but […]

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