Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls!

I love the Thug Kitchen peanut butter buckeyes, but they contain quite a bit of sugar and a small amount of coconut oil. Now as I’ve mentioned a few times, I watch Nutritionfacts videos¬†frequently enough to know how bad sugar is for you, and saturated fat isn’t much better. However, as sugary as they are, […]

Vegan Fruit Jumbles

Every Christmas since we’ve been together (over ten years now!), James has made his mother’s famous fruit jumbles. The cookies are a big favourite of Em’s, so James always makes her a big box to take home. Once, several years ago, James was stricken to learn that Em’s boyfriend, Spencer, had eaten almost the entire […]

Caravaggio Plum Loaf

Okay, I’m fully aware of how precious the title of this post is, but bear with me, this banana-plum-zucchini bread is the serious bomb. Why “Caravaggio Loaf”? Wellll, twenty odd years ago when I was living in the Brewery District in Kitsilano, I stumbled across a new condominium building where the developers were selling off […]

Vegan Blueberry Lavender Scones

Well, I’ve been rather remiss of late with my blog, but that’s because we’ve had so many guests that I haven’t been experimenting with any new recipes. However, Bid and Paul came over from Hornby for our regular Friday Feast last week and brought us a truckload of berries–strawberries, raspberries, and the most glorious blueberries […]

Vegan Oatmeal Cookies–Updated

James LOVES oatmeal cookies, so I spent the better part of one summer trying various recipes out on him, eventually settling on the Cook’s Illustrated Big, Chewy Oatmeal Cookie recipe. They passed muster with James at the time, but they weren’t completely plant-based, so I haven’t been making them of late. After poring over my […]

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Bites!!

Aaaaand….the aquafaba craze continues at Downton Cabin. After experimenting with veggie burgers all morning, I had about a cup of aquafaba from the black beans, so I decided to try another dessert. I found a recipe for aquafaba chocolate mousse here, and thought I’d use it to experiment with little chocolate mousse bites, and they […]

Sweet Aquafaba Whipped Cream (and Ice Cream)!!

So I’ve continued to experiment with aquafaba every time I make anything with beans (which is, like, every day) and have had various failures and successes. The other day,¬† friends, both of whom are vegetarian and one of whom is gluten-free, joined us for dinner. Cloud Nine, the gluten-free bakery near us, where we always […]

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