Dilly Flax-Chia Dressing

I’ve been listening to the speakers from the 2018 Food Revolution Summit and two of the speakers–Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Joel Fuhrman–both mentioned the importance and value of flaxseed and chia seeds. According to Dr. Greger, a 2011 study concluded that “flaxseed has tremendous potential in disease prevention particularly cardiovascular disease (CVD), osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer […]

Brown Sauce…Updated!

I found the original “Brown Sauce” recipe in one of my Forks Over Knives cookbooks. Though the pedestrian nature of the name is unappealing and the recipe is very simple, it’s a surprisingly tasty sauce! I usually double the recipe, however, and am loathe to add a 1/2 cup of agave syrup (which the original […]

Okara Caesar Salad Dressing

So I’ve been making tofu like a mad woman…ever since I received my amazing Soybella soy/nut milk maker (yeah, yeah, I have a small-appliance-addiction problem; we’ve already established that). I’ll post my tofu-making process shortly (once I have the process down pat). In any event, the only problem with the tofu-making process is that one […]

Homemade Hipster Ketchup

Okay, we all love to hate the hipster. Honestly, who among us hasn’t rolled their eyes at collectors of vinyl…or mason-jar weddings…or guys wearing toques and scarves in July? But I do have to admit that I like the hipster(ish) movement toward craft everything. And I do have a weakness for (and a collection of) […]

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