Atomic Wedgie Salad

Today was a glorious day on Denman–the sun was shining and the temperature a balmy 11 degrees. In fact, I even wore my flip flops for our late afternoon hike with the pups. Mind you, I’m still wearing a bulky sweater and a huge scarf, so the flip flops are perhaps a bit premature. And […]

Vegan “Tuna” Salad…

Tuna is one of the very few things I missed when I became vegetarian, so from time to time, I attempt to create a vegan version. Today’s version was particularly succulent–likely because I added so much salad-y stuff to the mix. Apologies since it’s more of an assembly than a recipe, but it’s super delicious […]

Asian Quinoa Salad!

Since arriving at the cabin in May, we have had a string of guests–some just for a meal, others for a few days–and we’ve been a bit sporadic with our commitment to healthy plant-based eating. We have (mostly) stuck with the veganism, but there’s been a bit too much white bread and far too much […]

Smoky Soy-Mustard Tofu

It feels like we’ve been eating rather too many grain-based meals of late, so I wanted to make a giant “elbow salad” for dinner this evening, and top it with our last package of baked, puffy tofu. I came across an interesting sounding marinade in Isa Does It, but, OF COURSE, I had to mess […]

Rainbow Salad

Soooo…I insisted on stopping at the grocery store this evening to browse the produce section for Spiralizer-friendly vegetables and came home with beets, zucchini, yams, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cucumber, and a couple of gigantic carrots. I started with a nice fat beet–the only one of the vegetables that needed to be peeled first: Next […]

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