A Bare Larder and A Faux Tuna Salad!

The minute I typed that title, I wondered at the difference between a “larder” and a “pantry,” and soon learned the following via my good friend, Dr. Internet: Etymologically, and when the terms were used in mediaeval France, you kept lard (bacon) in a larder and pain (bread) in a pantry. So larders were more likely to be underground, […]

Vegan Quesadilla

I was practicing my corn tortillas today because we’re having a Mexican tofu scramble for dinner, and my tortilla-making skills aren’t the best. After all the fussing around with the cast iron skillet on the stove top last time, I decided to try my electric grill, and it worked brilliantly! I was left with a […]

Vegan Nachos

Mmmmmmmm…..just look at this plate of vegan deliciousness! Today, I made vegan nachos, and they were pretty damn close to the real thing! Of course, I’ve tried before, but in the past I’ve used one of my many versions of vegan queso for the cheese, which is fine, but the result is more like stadium […]

The Sushi Bazooka!!

One of my favourite things to eat is avocado sushi, but I always feel a bit guilty because sushi contains white, not brown, rice. Imagine my delight at finding BROWN sticky rice in the international aisle of the Courtenay Superstore! There was only one problem: I didn’t know how to make sushi. This little fact, […]

Super Succulent Vegan Panini

Last August when my sweet niece, Sharon, and her family visited, we spent one day over on Hornby Island. Hornby is more commercial than Denman (as far as Gulf Islands go anyway), and one of its institutions is a delightful enterprise known as The Cardboard House Bakery. Now, this place is much more than a […]

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