Dessert Oats!

As I may have mentioned a time or two, I really wish I loved oatmeal because it’s so damn good for you, but I simply don’t. And I’ve tried it every which way, including savoury, and usually think, yeah, it’s pretty good…but then I never make it again. Today, I think I’ve figured out the […]

A New Peanut Butter Spread!

As I’ve no doubt mentioned hundreds of times, I LOVES me some peanut butter. Indeed, after discovering sweet potato toasties, I think I’ve eaten my two favourite foods together (peanut butter and potatoes) every damn day since! However, the problem with peanut butter is that regular old Kraft PB is delicious (and super cheap!)… ….but […]

Sweet Potato Toasties, Y’all!!!

I’ve been hearing about “sweet potato toasties” for a while now, but have resisted trying them because, frankly, I just didn’t believe a toaster could bake something as hard as the devil’s toenail into something edible. How wrong I was: not only does the toaster bake up sweet potato slices just fine…but they’re also delicious! […]

Vegan Omelette

I’ve been dying to try making a chickpea flour omelette or quiche for ages but have been reluctant because apparently if chickpea flour is not cooked properly, it can taste terrible. Well, today was the day, my friend: I tried the vegan omelette. The recipe can be found here on Fatfree Vegan, so I won’t […]

In a Cabbage Leaf…

So I’ve been enjoying my Chard-Leaf Breakfast Wraps most mornings, but the whole chard-leaf conundrum has been a bit painful. First off, giant chard leaves are rather pricey; second, out of a big bunch, only about half are crisp and tear-free; third, the bunch usually wilts after a few days and loses it freshness and […]

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