Vegan Quesadilla

I woke up this morning fantasizing about quesadillas. Back in my pre-WFPB days, I used to make a mean quesadilla with a couple of those HUGE Dempster’s tortillas, onions fried in olive oil, and a nice big pile of grated cheddar….all slapped together and grilled on a well-oiled pan. Now, that kind of quesadilla will clock […]

Okara Tortillas!!

Since I started making my own tofu, I’ve struggled with the okara issue. If you recall, okara is the pulp left over after you’ve made soy milk. I’ve tried using okara as a base for salad dressing, to make crackers, and even to make vegan chicken nuggets. All left something to be desired. Yet I […]

Perfect Sweet-Potato Tortillas

The recipe for sweet-potato tortillas is simple: equal parts sweet potato and flour (and 1 tsp of salt). I’m so addicted to these wraps, however, that I’ve now tried a variety of flours, as well as a variety of techniques in order to perfect the world’s most delicious wrap. Tips and Tricks for a Perfect […]

DIY Tofu and Sweet Potato Tortillas

Presenting Soybella…the amazing soy milk machine!!! So, yeah, yeah, I bought another damn appliance….but I REALLY needed it!! I’ve been dying to make my own tofu, but putting it off because the process involves straining soaked soybeans ground up in water….through a nut bag. And I HATEHATEHATE squeezing soy or nut milk through that strainer […]

An Easier Approach to Quinoa Flat Bread

Since I discovered the recipe for  two-ingredient quinoa flat bread, I’ve been making it a couple of times a week; however, the problem is that I always end up throwing away half because I can’t eat the equivalent of two cups of quinoa in a day….and by the next day, the flat bread is too hard […]

Corn Tortilla Technique

I’ve been practicing my corn tortilla-making technique and refining my recipe and today I had success: all of my tortillas were perfectly formed and one even puffed up perfectly! So the combination is…. 1 cup masa harina 3/4 cup hot water (and a little more as needed) 1/2 tsp salt Beat with the stand mixer […]

Quinoa Flatbread

The other day, someone posted a recipe for “two-ingredient quinoa bread” on the CFDG Facebook group and I thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be brilliant–and my new favourite alternative to bread, pita, wraps, etc. And it really is only two ingredients. Or it was until […]

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